My Journey West

Well when i go west i’m going because I want a new life and maybe i will get some gold.Although I might get hurt or die I’m still going.

I’m gonna still have to watch out for them indians because they might hurt me,also i need to find food @ water and stay healthy, i might be a Cowboy or a Gunslinger,The Government will give me a homestead i will make a log cabin maybe go on the oregon trail.Hopefully i will get a letter from the Poney express.Well here i go!

patriot poem

 was the first person killed in the american revoulution

he was the very first casualty

in the revoulution

Crispus Attucks

was a salior

was a civillan in boston

his murder made him a big deal

all he wanted was freedom from the british/parlament

sites-google search,crispus attucks

attucks wikipeadia

why i chose plymouth

i chose plymouth because it had family’s  and men to hunt and women to clean/cook and their were not many hostile natives

and their were lots of rich soil. For crops,also it might be hard at first. But you don’t have to pray to any religion we feed our men/women . Mainly the reason is because you can have an new life so that’s why i chose  plymouth .

9-11 reflections

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On September 11, 2001 19 Islamic terrorists hijacked 4 planes to kill innocent people.

That are in a group called al-Qaeda and they were very bad. And i thank the people of flight 93.I‘m grateful for the men and women who risked they’re life to help the ones affected by 9-11 and i hope that all the people. That died  because of 9-11. That they’re love ones will think not bad of it but good because they can say my brother,sister,dad,mom,son fought for our countrie.