9-11 reflections

photo credit: http://www.news.dm

On September 11, 2001 19 Islamic terrorists hijacked 4 planes to kill innocent people.

That are in a group called al-Qaeda and they were very bad. And i thank the people of flight 93.I‘m grateful for the men and women who risked they’re life to help the ones affected by 9-11 and i hope that all the people. That died  because of 9-11. That they’re love ones will think not bad of it but good because they can say my brother,sister,dad,mom,son fought for our countrie.

Life in 5th grade

Hello my name is  jeremiah and I am  going to tell  you about what 5th grade is like for me.

Sometimes it’s hard but i just started my school year but i think i’ll have an awesome year.

Especially since i have some friends and some awesome teachers like mrs.Brantly ,also mrs.Ummal and mrs.Owens,mrs.Mcfall. They are the best but surely i can’t forget mr.Mcbride now he is really the best i think so at least.He and the other teachers will really help me through my school year.


Now i am going to tell you what i’m looking forward to do in 5th grade.I am looking forward to get good grades. And to not get a single D in any of my subjects and to make more friends than i already have. And to pass my STARR tests. Just mainly to pass 5th grade so i can see all my friends next year in 6th grade. That’s all i wanted to say in this blog post thank you for reading….