The zombie attack

One day at snot city there was a outbreak of zombies and they were mean and ugly and they liked mcdonalds

and they were very hungry and ate all the mcdonalds in the world.Then they magicly vanished in the midnight air then

they came back to earth and it was really scary for everyone in the world they had to hide and run from the zombies now there

is  only 100,000 people alive but eventually all humans on earth were gone and now earth is filled with zombies

the end booo.

Mrs.Larue story-Guard

One day Paul blart was patroling a mall and the obidience school called him so he went to the school.He met Ike he hated him at the start,one night Paul blart  was patroling the “Gate” and he saw Ike walking out of the school.But he notice that Ike was out,so Pual blart was happy.An ‘About two weeks late’.He saw that Ike was in the news paper and he was happy that he learned his lesson it was a good day in snort city ♥

My Journey West

Well when i go west i’m going because I want a new life and maybe i will get some gold.Although I might get hurt or die I’m still going.

I’m gonna still have to watch out for them indians because they might hurt me,also i need to find food @ water and stay healthy, i might be a Cowboy or a Gunslinger,The Government will give me a homestead i will make a log cabin maybe go on the oregon trail.Hopefully i will get a letter from the Poney express.Well here i go!

patriot poem

 was the first person killed in the american revoulution

he was the very first casualty

in the revoulution

Crispus Attucks

was a salior

was a civillan in boston

his murder made him a big deal

all he wanted was freedom from the british/parlament

sites-google search,crispus attucks

attucks wikipeadia