Life in 5th grade

Hello my name is  jeremiah and I am  going to tell  you about what 5th grade is like for me.

Sometimes it’s hard but i just started my school year but i think i’ll have an awesome year.

Especially since i have some friends and some awesome teachers like mrs.Brantly ,also mrs.Ummal and mrs.Owens,mrs.Mcfall. They are the best but surely i can’t forget mr.Mcbride now he is really the best i think so at least.He and the other teachers will really help me through my school year.


Now i am going to tell you what i’m looking forward to do in 5th grade.I am looking forward to get good grades. And to not get a single D in any of my subjects and to make more friends than i already have. And to pass my STARR tests. Just mainly to pass 5th grade so i can see all my friends next year in 6th grade. That’s all i wanted to say in this blog post thank you for reading….  


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